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Welcome to our new website and blog!

Hello, my name is Tennille Taraszkiewicz and I’m super excited to announce the launch of my new website and blog, .  After months of planning we’re ready to pilot our website to customers, cast, and crew.  This is my first time building a website, but I’m extremely impressed with my web developer so I’m confident you’d be able to easily find what you need.  I originate from automotive production where we adjust & improve after something is launched.  It’s my intention to take any feedback I get from clients, friends, family, etc. and roll it back into the website in mid-2018.

The Film Chic is the commercial division of Tennille T Productions.  My studio is located in Canton, MI and I’m involved with a variety of film projects ranging from corporate training, reality TV, short independent films, and commercials.  I choose The Film Chic to be my web identity because it’s easier to remember, and spell, then Tennille.

This website will primarily help customers understand the video products we offer and how each will boost their business.  The website also functions as a full tool for everyone behind the scenes.  There is a casting tab which allows anybody who is interested in being in front of the camera to sign up.  This is a great way for people in SE Michigan to have an opportunity to perform without the necessity of living in LA or NY.  I encourage anybody who has a friend or family member interested in being in front of the camera to sign up on our casting page. The third key area of the website is for the crew.  To keep productions smooth it’s important to keep the crew properly informed of all the logistics.  This is a secured part of the site for experienced crew members who free-lance on commercials so everyone is aligned on schedules, locations, equipment, etc.

Anyone who is looking to boost their online presence should take a look at the services we have to offer.  We focus on commercials, training videos, and executive messages.  All of these are a necessity in today’s high paced and competitive environment.  It’s more important now, than ever, to set yourself apart and show how you’re unique with one of our commercials.  Limited staff and high travel costs are a great reason to check out our training video services.  Start with one video, or let us help you develop a training series to keep your employees informed, or educate customers on your latest products/services.  You can check out all of our services here.:

The three main reasons you’ll want to explore our services:

  • Reach more customers and save your time.
  • Be more impactful. A 30-second commercial is worth 800,000 words.
  • Visit our examples to get ideas for your commercial.

Small and medium businesses without corporate communications/marketing departments can lean on us to help them with their branding, education, and communications.  I’ve worked for a fortune 10 company for almost 2 decades and can include these insights when we’re creating your customized videos.

It’s best to check back weekly for blog updates.  Each week I’ll share what projects we’re working on, things I’m learning (technically, creatively, business, etc.), and comment on key topics in the video industry.  Every few months we’ll post new commercials & product examples so customers have an opportunity to see our freshest videos.  Thanks for visiting the site and come back soon!

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